• Little Birdy Reminder Service

    Little Birdy Reminder Service

    It has been a while since my last blog post and in an attempt to...

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  • Three Coffee Day

    Three Coffee Day

    Today is a three coffee day with vegemite on toast. Let me tell you, that...

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  • The Art of Juggling

    The Art of Juggling

    A little birdy told me that juggling kids and a business is hard. They are...

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  • New Year, New Beginning

    New Year, New Beginning

    A little birdy told me it is 2019. While I might feel like I have...

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  • Thinking Differently

    Thinking Differently

    In the aftermath of my pitching efforts, I was extremely deflated. I really had to...

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  • Pitching my small business

    Pitching my small business

    I am the kind of person who would rather stick pins in my eye then...

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